Blue Lake

Distance: 4.4 miles round trip             Elevation Gain: 1,050 feet

The Blue Lake trail isn’t anything special, it’s mostly in the woods with some peak-a-boo views, but Blue Lake itself is spectacular.  It’s simply stunning.  This was the first hike my wife and I did prior to moving to the Methow.

From the Parking lot, head into the woods and climb away until you reach the lake.  Keep your eye out for mountain goats which often wander near the lake or in the rocks above you.  They also leave their tell tale sign of wispy fur caught in the bushes.  Enjoy your lunch or snack at the lake before returning the same way you came.

Driving Directions: From Cascades Outdoor Store in downtown Winthrop, turn left at the stop sign and follow Highway 20 thirty one miles west to the parking lot just past Washington Pass.

For trail info, gear, or to pick up a map stop in to Cascades Outdoor Store. We look forward to seeing you before or after hitting the trail! 509-996-3480